New Overtime Rules Released Today

May 18, 2016
Legal Update

Today, the Department of Labor (DOL) released its Final Rule regarding overtime pay for white collar workers. Vice President Joe Biden made the formal announcement in Columbus, Ohio.

Bringing significant changes for employers, the Final Rule extends overtime pay requirements to an estimated 4.2 million additional workers who are not currently eligible for overtime under federal law. The new rules take effect on December 1, 2016, and specifically will:

The Final Rule has substantial implications for employers, both from a dollar perspective and a liability perspective, as the DOL will closely monitor employers’ compliance with the rules. The effective date of the new rule allows more time than anticipated for employers to prepare to comply. Employers should be conducting audits of their workforces in order to implement the required changes.

For more information on the DOL’s Final Rule, conducting an audit, or other questions related to employment law, please contact Amy Wilson, Jennifer Rulon, Kyle Johnson, Neal Shah, Jeffrey Lindemann or any member of Frost Brown Todd’s Labor and Employment Practice Group.

Please also stay tuned for upcoming informational sessions presented by Frost Brown Todd attorneys regarding compliance with the new overtime rules.