Webcast: Decision Points on your Evolving Investment in China

Date July 20, 2011
Time 1:00PM - 2:00PM

Join Frost Brown Todd LLC and Grant Thornton LLP, East West Associates for a complimentary webcast about decision points on your evolving investment in China. We will cover recent trends and guidance with the intent to promote thought leadership in the areas pertinent to the late stages of initial investment into China.

This webcast will cover ideas and solutions from experts on:

  • Existing China businesses owned by U.S. companies
  • New China businesses formed by companies responding to local customer demands to manufacture locally to accelerate delivery times, cut operational costs and improve the global supply chain


Michael Capone, Audit Partner and Midwest Consumer and Industrial Products Leader, Grant Thornton

Eric Johnson, Senior Manager, International Tax Services, Grant Thornton
Joe Dehner, Partner and Chair, International Services Group, Frost Brown Todd LLC
Mark Ramsey, Senior Operation, East West Associates and formerly Operational Leader of Owens Corning China (NYSC; OC)

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Faems at 312-602-8355 or Lauren.Faems@us.gt.com.


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