Forum on Clean Water Law

Date September 8, 2011
The Lansdowne Resort
Leesburg, VA 

This is an annual gathering of the most senior attorneys in the United States having a significant Clean Water Act practice.  The Agenda will focus on the most pressing and interesting issues and spark frank and meaningful discussions about the Clean Water Act, its implementation, agency regulation, and impending and threatened litigation. Frost Brown Todd attorney, Timothy Hagerty, will present a session entitled, In the Courts: How is Current Litigation Shaping the Clean Water Act?, which will focus on significant recent cases and trends that should be on any CWA practitioner's radar.

Participation is by invitation. The purpose of the Forum is to facilitate a high-level exchange of ideas and in-depth dialogue on issues that are vital to our clients.

The Forum will provide attorneys from across the country with the opportunity to explore complex issues in depth, and to benchmark their perspectives on these issues against the best and brightest. All discussions in Forum sessions are off-the-record, and no minutes or publications are made available.

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