China Revealed: Webinar and LIVE Seminar Series

Date December 13, 2011
Time 8:00AM - 9:00AM
Frost Brown Todd
424 Church Street
Suite 1600
Nasvhille, TN 37219

A four-part, four-city, straight talking, webinar and LIVE presentation series explaining the current realities of doing business in China, the changes coming in the next 5 years, and what it will mean to you.  Direct from a manufacturer who has been there and done that.  All four presentations will be LIVE and available via webinar.

Topics for this insightful series include:

Part 1:  October 27, 2011, Columbus, Ohio (LIVE Presentation)
  Dissecting the Current Chinese Model – What you need to know to make money in China now

Presenter: Dan Cunningham, President and CEO
Long Stanton Mfg. Co.

Presenter: Marvin Cunningham, President
Long Stanton - Asia

Part 2:  December 13, 2011, Nashville, Tennessee  (LIVE Presentation)
  The Next 5 Year Plan – What the Chinese Government is Saying and What Will Really Happen

Presenter: Marvin Cunningham, President
Long Stanton - Asia

Part 3:  January 19, 2012, Indianapolis, Indiana  (LIVE Presentation)
  Ramifications - What all This Means to U.S. Businesses

Presenter: Marvin Cunningham, President
Long Stanton - Asia

Presenter: Tom Kachovec, Vice President and COO
Long Stanton Mfg. Co.

Part 4:  February 27, 2012, Cincinnati, Ohio  (LIVE Presentation)

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Kathleen Strunk

  Question and Answer Session with a Special Guest Speaker