The Ohio BWC Budget Bill Amends Several Key Workers’ Compensation Provisions for Ohio Employers

September 7, 2017
Legal Update

On June 30, 2017, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law Substitute House Bill (HB 27), the BWC Budget Bill. This Bill amended several key provisions of Ohio’s workers’ compensation statute. The effective date for the amendments is September 29, 2017.

Below are the more significant changes to the following provisions of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).

These amendments involve not only substantive changes to the time frame for filing a claim or a court action but also the handling of BWC 90-day examinations and C-92 Applications. With these new changes, the BWC is working on rules and policies to implement the amendments. For instance, HB 27 offers some guidance addressing the application of some amendments. Some examples include:

Going forward, Ohio employers will need to be aware whether the workers’ compensation claim is governed by the new amendments effective on or after September 29, 2017, or whether the former Rules apply.

If you have any questions about the new amendments, please contact Julie Bruns, Joanne Glass, or Noel Shepard.