Consumer Manufacturing

With the fast-paced changes in technology and in processes within the consumer products industry, knowing a client’s business and processes has never been more important.

Frost Brown Todd’s lawyers approach all clients individually and assess each business situation in order to achieve success.

Many of our lawyers came to the firm with successful backgrounds in the consumer products and manufacturing sector, enabling them to combine their real-world skills with a strong team of litigation and transactional lawyers. The result: A legal team that understands the business needs of clients and provides the legal strategies to ensure their success in the marketplace.

Our lawyers serve the consumer manufacturing industry by:

  • Litigating disputes with suppliers, distributors and customers
  • Reviewing, advising and even negotiating contracts and supply and distribution agreements with suppliers, distributors and customers
  • Providing labor litigation
  • Counseling on and litigating patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret claims
  • Providing trademark and labeling consultation
  • Providing health care/HIPAA consultation
  • Consulting and litigating environmental disputes at manufacturing facilities
  • Providing real estate consultation and litigation for manufacturing and retail locations
  • Providing bankruptcy consultation for suppliers and customers
  • Reviewing and negotiating executive compensation agreements
  • Assisting in corporate compliance and acquisitions

Industrial Manufacturing

Markets. Shortages. Politics. Environmental regulations. World events. These and countless other issues affect manufacturers every day, shaping the way they do business and shaping the way they move the global economy.

At Frost Brown Todd, we thoroughly understand the ups and downs that affect manufacturers. With experience in every necessary area -- banking, litigation, antitrust, transactions, construction, environmental, labor & employment, real estate, government relations and more -- we work with manufacturing clients to develop an integrated, strategic approach to legal services. It is an approach that helps clients to carefully minimize risks and confidently take advantage of opportunities.

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