Distribution, Transportation and Logistics


Frost Brown Todd understands the dynamics and ongoing evolution of businesses and government agencies which deliver mobility, transportation and logistics services. In today’s ever-changing global marketplace, businesses and agencies are competing to stay ahead of the curve in a climate with surging customer expectations and increasing demands for efficiency, speed, and ease-of-use technology often delivered in high-risk environments and under difficult budget constraints. Frost Brown Todd has a highly adept team of transportation, and logistics attorneys, some of whom have served as general counsel at transportation and logistics companies, large and small, as well as for numerous government agencies, villages, cities, counties and states. Our team is equipped to help your company meet growing demands by providing timely and cost-effective representation, with a focused, in-depth awareness of the challenges you face. 

We Keep Your Business Moving

Who We Represent.  Representing businesses and government clients nationwide, Frost Brown Todd assists third-party logistics providers (3PLs), manufacturers, warehouse operators, freight forwarders, motor carriers, passenger carriers (city bus, school bus, motor coach), rail operators, airlines, developers, customs brokers, shippers, insurers, sureties, banks and other capital providers and others involved in the transportation and logistics industry.

What We Do.  Let Frost Brown Todd assist you in getting from A to B through our wide array of legal services, including regulatory advice and counsel, state and federal litigation, commercial and financial advice, contract management, insurance/risk management, traditional labor and employment assistance, and state and federal lobbying. To add value across your operations, we draw on the subject expertise of attorneys who practice in a variety of legal disciplines, including regulatory compliance, corporate law, RFP development and review, trucking and commercial transportation, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, environmental law, international trade regulation, government relations, labor and employment, and intellectual property.

Comprehensive Legal Services

Our experienced attorneys understand the challenges companies and government agencies face in their effort to deliver mobility, transportation and logistics services. Frost Brown Todd can add value through the following services:

  • Providing legal advice relating to a variety of corporate transactions such as contracts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, purchases, sales, and taxation.
  • Providing guidance to public and corporate Boards and staff.
  • Assisting in the procurement of financing to fund new and ongoing development.
  • Advising on project development and the construction of facilities, including contract drafting and administration, bid disputes, and contract claims and litigation.
  • Negotiating lease and purchase agreements for property, equipment, and carriers.
  • Handling negotiations or disputes with shippers, freight forwarders, brokers or warehousemen.
  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements and handling all aspects of labor relations.
  • Representing employers in all facets of employment law, including drafting employment policies, advising on day-to-day personnel issues, and representing employers in state and federal litigation.
  • Advising companies on grant writing and issues involving land use and zoning, permitting, right-of-way and related issues before government agencies.
  • Protecting clients’ brands through copyright and trademarks.
  • Counseling clients on the latest advancements of blockchain technology and implementing digital currency use in the logistics industry.
  • Developing and implementing risk avoidance and management strategies with respect to corporate structure, insurance requirements, captive insurance arrangements.

Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining compliance with state and federal law is paramount to the success of our transportation and logistics industry clients. Our attorneys routinely advise clients on all aspects of national, state, and local compliance, including:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations
  • Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) regulations and grants
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations
  • Risk management and safety program development
  • Federal and state licensing requirements
  • Drug and alcohol testing practices
  • Employee handbooks and employment practices
  • Environmental regulations
  • Financing regulations
  • Agency policy, rules and regulation

International Trade Regulation

Frost Brown Todd’s international trade attorneys work with clients to develop customized internal policies and procedures that aid company directors, officers, owners, and employees in their efforts to comply with international trade regulations. We advise on the following:

  • U.S. export controls, including the international traffic in arms regulations ("ITAR"), export administration regulations ("EAR"), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ("FCPA") and anti-boycott legislation.
  • U.S. sanctions and embargos administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC").
  • Customs law (from tariff classification to valuation), marking, and duty preference regimes, including NAFTA, CAFTA and other free trade agreements.

Frost Brown Todd’s International Trade Regulation Group also counsels clients on all aspects of Customs laws and import regulations. We advise clients on ways to maximize import margins through classification and valuation and assist in resolving potentially problematic Customs matters, such as audits, shipment holds and penalty notices. Our international trade attorneys also excel in navigating clients through the complex regulatory terrain of governing exports. Our team also assist clients in accurately classifying and obtaining export licenses for their product lines; establishing export compliance plans; and creatively and comprehensively remedying any export-related risks, investigations, violations, and administrative penalties.

General Litigation 

Frost Brown Todd’s trucking and commercial transportation attorneys have the knowledge, skill, and experience to effectively meet our commercial transportation clients’ general litigation needs whenever disputes or claims arise in any area of your operations.

Business Litigation

Frost Brown Todd’s litigators are experienced advocates who have tried hundreds of cases on behalf of our transportation and logistics industry clients. Our attorneys recognize that understanding our clients’ business and the industries they serve is paramount to efficient dispute avoidance and resolution solutions. Whether in complex, high-stakes, multijurisdictional disputes in the courtroom or in strategy meetings in a conference room, Frost Brown Todd’s national litigation practice brings innovative, timely and strategic advice to help solve complex legal issues to achieve our clients’ business goals.

Accident Response, Reconstruction Team and Liability Defense Litigation   

Our dedicated transportation liability defense lawyers are always on-call to assist clients in the first minutes and hours after a serious accident. With our multi-disciplinary team of accident reconstruction experts and other consultants at the ready, we protect our clients’ interests from the very outset of a liability claim.

Our litigation team has successfully managed, resolved, and defended hundreds of claims against our transportation clients and their drivers. In our many years of litigating claims at every level, from property damage and minor injuries to catastrophic losses and multiple fatalities, we have obtained favorable settlements, verdicts and dismissals for our clients. Our experience in evaluating all aspects of a claim and our aggressive approach to pre-litigation management results in the prompt, fair and cost-efficient resolution of claims.

Industry Involvement 

Frost Brown Todd is active in the logistics industry across all of the firm’s markets, and our team is attuned to the latest industry developments, challenges, and predictions. We make businesses continue to be informed on the ever-evolving logistics industry—from new compliance requirements to new competitors to new technologies.

Our attorneys are active in a variety of organizations, including the Transportation Lawyers Association, the Self Insurer's and Risk Managers and Commercial Transportation Litigation Committees of the American Bar Association, as well as the Trucking Law Committee of the Defense Research Institute.

Also, through Frost Brown Todd’s LogisticsConnect, we provide a forum for critical dialogue and networking on insights, forecasts and advancements for this burgeoning industry. With an agenda targeted to company leaders in the supply chain, transportation, retail and logistics workforce sectors, the event is strategically held in Columbus, Ohio, which, as a U.S. hotspot for logistics, is a natural junction for key industry players.

Frost Brown Todd attorneys are also active members of major trade associations and other industry groups that are on the cutting-edge of issues impacting you and your operation:

  • Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA)
  • National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC)
  • Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)
  • North American Transportation Employee Relations Associations
  • Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association ISC&RA)
  • American Trucking Association
  • Ohio Trucking Association
  • Indiana Trucking Association