Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The world has yet to see the first large class-action suit brought against a robot. But this same impunity does not apply to AI developers and engineers. Nor will it to the growing number of companies that are incorporating sophisticated AI systems into aspects of production, commerce, and customer service. Going forward, however, it won’t necessarily be advanced industrials who prosper from AI infrastructures but, rather, companies that are already working with knowledgeable attorneys to integrate their legal and business strategies. fbtTECH’s Artificial Intelligence subgroup navigates AI developers and early adopters through this emerging, highly complex legal area, providing them with a viable framework for delivering on their near- and long-term AI initiatives.

Our attorneys understand, in a comprehensive way, the privacy, liability and regulatory issues that have emerged as a result of rapid advancements in machine and deep learning. From questions of product liability in manufacturing and retail environments, to managing algorithm content and functionality, data breaches, and the commercialization of IP assets, we make sure that our clients are fully informed of their legal and ethical requirements, especially with respect to the consumer data that is collected and cached on AI platforms. Not only do we advise clients on drafting contracts, patent registrations, and terms of services agreements, but we help them develop security protocols and strategies for risk management and market growth. Ultimately, as regulation intensifies, we’ll be standing by, ready to clear the path of any legal hurdles so our clients can continue to capitalize on the burgeoning use of AI in the marketplace.

Industry Highlights

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