Though distributed ledger technologies – more commonly known as blockchains – first garnered public attention as the primary vehicle by which digital currencies like bitcoin were exchanged and verified, you’d be hard pressed to find companies in any industry that aren’t currently exploring the use case for blockchain-based smart contracts and data management systems. Indeed, beyond the Bitcoin buzz, all signs indicate that new iterations of blockchain will revolutionize everything from cross-border business to health care and supply chain management.

fbtTECH’s Blockchain subgroup is at the forefront of these developments, helping clients manage their digital portfolios and deliver on innovative blockchain and digital currency strategies. Our multidisciplinary team has deep roots in the Fintech and crypto spaces, leveraging decades of combined experience to provide clients with reliable, results-driven counsel. With an exceptional combination of skills, including commercial law, compliance, financial services, and litigation support, our attorneys help companies preparing for disruption or those already operating at the cutting edge.

Not only are members of our team frequent speakers and panelists on topics related to evolving blockchain applications; but we are one of the only teams in our footprint with substantive experience designing and facilitating initial coin offerings (ICOs). As such, we have firsthand knowledge of the regulatory challenges businesses will face as they break ground on new blockchain initiatives. More importantly, we understand the actual (vs. aspirational) power of this transformative technology; we can assess how innovation will impact our client’s industry and help them confidently, strategically, plan ahead.

Industry Highlights

Blockchain & “Smart” Contracts Webinar from FBT's Technology Industry Team
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