Business Insurance Program Review

Every company, whether or not they are part of the insurance industry, is touched by insurance issues.  Companies spend thousands of dollars a year to protect themselves from the various risks associated with running a business.  Companies purchase business insurance programs covering risks such as general liability, commercial automobile, directors and officers, fidelity, and workers’ compensation.  Our attorneys are experienced in reviewing and analyzing these types of insurance programs to provide an assessment of alternative coverages, deductibles, retention limits, and self-insurance options available to a company to provide a more cost-effective and efficient use of a company’s resources in managing its business risk.

Practice Highlights

Our Business Insurance program Review services include:

  • Review and analysis of business insurance programs
  • Advice and representation regarding outside claims-handling services
  • Advice and representation regarding business activities or transactions involving regulated insurance entities
  • Analysis of stranger-owned or corporate-owned life insurance or annuity transactions