Construction Defect, Design Defect, and Unforeseen Conditions Claims

Resolving construction defect, design defect, and unforeseen / differing site conditions claims often requires knowledge of basic construction means and methods and design principles.  Our group includes attorneys and professionals with college degrees in construction management and civil engineering, and practical experience in construction and design.  In addition, we have close working relationships with construction and design consulting firms that can assist in prosecuting or defending these claims.  Our experience includes: 

  • Representation of a project owner and general contractor in claims relating to the collapse of an adjacent building on a school construction project
  • Representation of developers, general contractors, and site development contractors on differing site conditions claims involving rock, subsurface obstructions, and defective grading plans
  • Building envelope, water intrusion, and mold claims
  • Design errors and omissions claims
  • Representation of construction managers, general contractors, and specialty contractors in claims relating to defective design of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems