Family Business Representation

Our attorneys can incorporate your family business into your personal estate plan. For example, we can help you form and maintain entities to hold your family business, including agricultural, construction, equine, farming, manufacturing, professional, real estate, retail and wholesale businesses. Our practice group also works with members of the corporate, tax and securities practice groups as appropriate to assist clients in determining which type of business entity best meets their business and tax planning needs, such as C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies and all types of partnerships. We can help you transition your family business to the next generation by creating buy-sell agreements that consider family relationship and income and transfer tax issues. Our practice group can also assist you in protecting your assets from exposure to liabilities while maintaining voting control.

Other services include:

  • Counseling business owners on choice of business entity
  • Preparing buy/sell agreements
  • Preparing organizational and operational documents related to Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies
  • Advising clients concerning executive compensation
  • Addressing corporate and partnership tax issues
  • Structuring the sale of a business
  • Organizing and structuring business entities for individuals and families as it relates to their businesses