IP Litigation

The Frost Brown Todd IP Litigation Group was named one of eight “standout” law firms in IP litigation in the Litigation Outlook 2011 report published by Law360 and conducted by The BTI Consulting Group. According to BTI’s report – for which 240 corporate counsel, including 18% of the Fortune 100, were surveyed – standout firms have “made an indelible mark on clients.” The report continued, “These firms have positioned themselves with the world’s most demanding clients as the ones corporate counsel would most like to have by their side in head-to-head competition. In essence, they are the best players in the game.”

 In an article published in Law360, the president of BTI Consulting, Michael Rynowecer, outlined the criteria for the award when he said that “emphasis on client service, paired with some form of innovation, helped these firms rise to the top.”

 A hallmark of IP litigation strategy at FBT is cost-effective staffing and overall cost management. FBT’s Intellectual Property Department includes outstanding, experienced patent litigators led by Ann Schoen and Tom O’Brien, supported by a group of associates, paralegals and project assistants. The IP litigation team knows the federal courts well and has handled cases across the U.S.

 The FBT Intellectual Property Group provides an uncommon advantage in patent litigation since several of its experienced patent litigators are also registered patent attorneys. Recent suits include those relating to processed agricultural products, business method patents in the financial services area, aluminized steel, high security locks, automobile parts, high speed sorters, elevators, consumer products and computer software among others.

 In addition to litigation, our attorneys have extensive experience in developing non-infringement and invalidity positions to support our clients in the development and marketing of their products. Where an infringement issue is identified, our attorneys often assist our clients in developing non-infringing products.