Import and Customs

In the competitive global marketplace, importers must obtain the optimal duty valuation for their products, while meeting all applicable Customs regulations in order to minimize import delays and potential penalties.  Frost Brown Todd’s International Trade Group counsels clients on all aspects of Customs laws and import regulations.  We advise our clients on ways to maximize their import margins through classification and valuation, and assist in resolving potentially problematic Customs matters, such as audits, shipment holds and penalty notices.  Our International Trade Group has extensive expertise in the following areas of Customs laws:

  • Classification and Valuation.  The essential foundation of any Customs practice, our attorneys counsel clients on the optimal classification and valuation of their imported merchandise. Such strategic planning can result in significant duty savings, and allow companies to avoid the governmental penalties imposed as a result of misclassification or incorrect valuations.
  • Seizures and Penalties.  We advise clients during all stages of Customs enforcement actions, including initial seizures, Requests for Information, Notices of Action, and Penalty Notices.  We guide companies through the complex regulatory process of contesting Customs actions (to eliminate or mitigate penalties), while minimizing the impact of such actions on the importers’ daily business functions.
  • Country of Origin Marking.  Imported merchandise is often seized or delayed because of non-compliant “country of origin” markers on the goods.  Our attorneys frequently counsel clients on the various marking rules enforced by Customs—especially as such rules apply to the assembly, incorporation, and modification of individual components into a finished item.  We also assist clients with “Made in the USA” markings and challenging competitors’ improper use of this mark.
  • Trade Preference Programs.  Trade preference programs such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and Generalized System of Preferences (“GSP”), provide importers with opportunities for significant duty elimination, reduction or deferment.  Our attorneys guide clients through the various preferential trade regulatory structures in order to maximize the benefits of these programs to their international transactions.

Other regulatory compliance services provided by Frost Brown Todd’s International Trade Group include:

  • Compliance with Customs Modernization Act (MOD Act) Requirements
  • Customs/Importing/Internal Audits and Self-Assessments
  • Customs and Import Regulation Compliance Assessments
  • Customs and Import Regulation Compliance Program Development
  • Customs and Import Regulation Compliance Training and Education
  • Antidumping and Countervailing Duties
  • Record Keeping and Appraisement
  • Facilitating Entry of Imported Goods
  • Preparing Invoice Documents
  • Determining Dutiable Value
  • Evaluating Transfer Pricing and Related Party Issues
  • Transshipment
  • Grey Market Importation Counseling
  • Intellectual Property Registration with Customs
  • Reasonable Care Issues
  • Ruling Requests and Advisory Opinions
  • Duty Drawback