India Desk

The India Desk represents Indian businesses in their U.S. dealings and U.S. companies in their Indian business activities. Both are on the rise. The firm is a founder of the India-U.S. Business Network,, which builds bridges between India and the U.S.

Our Indian clientele includes India’s largest group of companies, mid-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs. For U.S. companies we do Indian acquisitions, joint ventures and commercial agreements. We protect intellectual property cross-border. We have assisted U.S. clients in acquiring real estate and establishing Indian operations where tens of thousands of employees now work. We have close relationships with leading Indian law firms. We have obtained many hundreds of visas to bring Indian talent to the U.S. We are committed to assisting India’s ascendance as a leading global economic power.

We work with leading law firms in India to serve specific client needs. A 2012 Doing Business in India guide from our Indian members of the MULTILAW network is provided by Rupali Sharma of Kochhar & Co.

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Dispute Resolution for USA and Indian Businesses
Dispute Resolution for USA and Indian Businesses

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