International Dispute Resolution

Companies accustomed to one system of laws and courts can find it difficult to understand how their rights might be adjudicated in other systems.  Trusted advisors who understand transnational disputes help those companies at the planning stage or when a dispute arises.  In that capacity, Frost Brown Todd’s attorneys work closely with clients to assist in cross-border business disputes.  That work takes many forms.  The firm’s international litigation attorneys often assist clients in understanding the dispute resolution options before a transaction occurs so that the clients have a level playing field should a dispute arise.  Ourattorneys are adept at drafting dispute resolution clauses to address in advance the possibility of disputes, which is critical in transnational agreements.  That forward-looking approach can prevent the unpleasant situation of discovering that a good contract may not be enforceable or that the dispute resolution choices may not achieve a fair result.

The expertise of the firm’s international litigation attorneys does not end with contract drafting.  Our attorneys assist clients in conducting or defending cross-border litigation discovery and enforcement of judgments.  Should a dispute result in litigation or arbitration, the international litigation attorneys represent clients in court or in international arbitration tribunals around the world.  While the experience of FBT’s international litigation attorneys covers many types of disputes, our attorneys assist clients with disputes involving antitrust, restrictive covenants, trade disputes, intellectual property, products liability, anti-bribery laws and the U.N. Convention for Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.  For example, we helped a client prevail in a complicated proceeding in private arbitration before now Chief Justice John G. Roberts when he was a practicing attorney and serving as international arbitrator.