Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursement

We understand that the business of healthcare depends largely on the economics of reimbursement and that an ever increasing level of regulatory scrutiny poses considerable challenges to providers' ability to maintain profitable operations. We advise clients involved in healthcare mergers and acquisition transactions on the impact of reimbursement issues on the transactions, particularly as they affect working capital adjustments, representations and warranties and indemnification clauses. We have significant experience with helping clients develop and implement legal strategies to ensure compliance with Federal laws, while at the same time maximizing reimbursement. We counsel clients on how to structure business deals in order to profit from or avoid the consequences of complicated Medicare and Medicaid billing and claims administration rules. Our capacity to effectively decipher these rules and communicate with regulators allows us to provide our clients with clear guidance on Medicare and Medicaid compensation issues. We frequently advise clients on matters pertaining to billing and coding, the appropriate use of modifiers, incident to billing, location codes, appropriate reassignment, and obtaining new Medicare provider numbers.