Tax Planning

The structure of a client’s business operations and transactions can affect his or her tax results, no matter the size. Whether a small, start-up venture or a well-established, publicly traded company, Frost Brown Todd can provide thorough tax advice after determining what’s best for the client’s business situation (i.e. corporation, partnership or Limited Liability Company). Our tax lawyers regularly advise on mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, split-offs and other tax-free distributions along with settlement awards in contract and tort disputes. Most importantly, our tax planning advice focuses not just on our clients’ immediate problems but also in anticipation of the likely issues they will face as the business evolves and grows.

We believe in counseling clients to pay the correct amount of tax. At the same time, we recognize the opportunities that exist to allow clients to retain significant amounts of wealth by structuring their transactions and affairs in a manner that complies with the law while taking advantage of tax saving techniques. We want clients to be fully aware of those techniques so they can choose to make use of them in appropriate circumstances.