Travel Insurance Services

Travel insurance is a longtime and popular product designed to address consumer needs and protection unique to the travel and tourism industry. But when it comes to travel insurance, issues with uniformity and reciprocity have been a source of utter confusion to regulatory and industry participants alike. The attorneys and legal professionals in Frost Brown Todd’s Insurance Industry Group are leading the way in the design and development of cutting edge products, distribution compliance systems, and regulatory solutions geared to navigating these difficult waters.

Travel Industry Services

As the tourism and travel industry has grown and expanded, consumers have demanded additional protections due to different risks. These risks and additional protections do not fit neatly in the current regulatory landscape, and offerings continue to develop in accordance with changes to the tourism and travel industry. Our team’s substantial travel insurance regulatory knowledge puts us at the forefront of addressing the current landscape.

We actively:

  • Coordinate with regulators, legislators, and trade groups to implement solutions to current challenges
  • Assist our clients with the navigation of market conduct exams and corrective action plans relating to travel and hybrid ancillary products
  • Explore innovative compliance solutions, including the design and development of Port Compliance, a program to maintain all applicable Producer licenses and other requirements related to the business of limited lines travel insurance