Trucking and Commercial Transportation

The attorneys and staff of Frost Brown Todd’s Trucking and Commercial Transportation Group have the knowledge, skill and experience to effectively meet our commercial transportation clients’ liability claim and litigation needs.

Accident Immediate Response Team

Our dedicated trucking liability defense lawyers are always on-call to assist clients in the first minutes and hours after a serious trucking accident. Our Accident Response Team covers Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and West Virginia. With our multi-disciplinary team of accident reconstruction experts and other consultants at the ready, the client’s interests will be protected from the very outset of a liability claim. Click here for Accident Immediate Response Team contact information.

Experience Defending Claims

We have successfully managed, resolved and defended hundreds of claims against trucking companies and truck drivers. In many years of litigating claims at every level, from property damage and minor injuries to catastrophic losses and multiple fatalities, we have obtained advantageous settlements, favorable verdicts and dismissals for our clients. Our experience in evaluating all aspects of a claim and our aggressive approach to prelitigation management results in prompt, fair and cost-efficient resolution of claims.

From the time of the accident response and investigation through the final resolution, our comprehensive, hands-on approach enables our clients to manage every potential claim. We can also provide guidance and education to our trucking and insurance clients through in-house training seminars. The Group includes members of the Transportation Lawyers Association (TLA) and the Defense Research Institute (DRI).

Coordination of Expert Witnesses

The Trucking and Commercial Transportation Group is comprised of trial attorneys and staff who have substantial experience litigating personal injury and death claims relating to commercial trucking. The group has the appropriate contacts to bring a wide range of experts to bear, including experts qualified in accident reconstruction, human factors (conspicuity, fatigue, etc.), biomechanical engineering, seat belt, occupant kinematics, toxicology, pathology, driver training, hiring and retention, vocational disability and economic damages.

Current Topics

Our lawyers' skill and experience includes current areas in the defense of trucking claims, including evidence spoliation, punitive damage claims, hours of service, driver fatigue and the preservation and analysis of ECM ("black box") data. Our knowledge of the trucking industry, including the fact that the rate of fatal accidents involving large trucks has decreased 57% since 1975 while the rate of injury accidents involving large trucks has decreased 42% since 1988, helps us to overcome the public’s bias against corporations, trucks and drivers.

To keep current with the various issues in the transportation industry today, our attorneys are active in a variety of organizations, including TLA, the Self Insurer's and Risk Managers Committee and Commercial Transportation Litigation Committee of the American Bar Association, and the Trucking Law Committee of the Defense Research Institute.

Coordination with Employment and Environmental Counsel

Through a close working relationship with other experienced Frost Brown Todd attorneys, our Trucking and Commercial Transportation Group seamlessly provides our clients with guidance through the ever-changing federal and state regulations relating to employment and the environment that impact the commercial transportation industry. In particular, our attorneys have experience dealing with the special needs and regulatory issues arising from toxic substance spills, including diesel fuel, hazardous chemical cargo, waste products and other substances. Our attorneys regularly address the complex issues faced by our transportation industry clients in their roles as employers, including brokerage disputes, cargo claims, contract and owner-operator issues.

National and Regional Representation

The Trucking and Commercial Transportation Group can provide coordinated regional or national coordination of claims and litigation to promote efficiencies of scale and familiarity as well as stability and uniformity of claims management procedures. The coordination of regional or national representation provides our clients with a broad range of assistance, including access to resources such as investigators, consultants and experts witnesses. Our associations with other law firms provide our clients with a readily available network of defense counsel in other jurisdictions as well.


The Trucking and Commercial Transportation Group offers claim and litigation related education opportunities with the dual goals of reducing the number of claims and effectively managing claims when they occur. The Group shares its knowledge and experience by presenting programs to our commercial transportation clients and our insurance industry clients to enhance safety and provide specific and detailed assistance in managing claims from the time of the incident through the trial. These seminars provide an opportunity for management, claims personnel, safety managers and drivers to become familiar with the proper procedures for the investigation stage immediately following an accident. Topics addressed include the need for immediacy and accuracy in the preservation of scene evidence; the identification of witnesses and the preservation of evidentiary privileges and avoiding claims of spoliation through the legally sufficient preservation of driver logs, ECM data and other records.