How We Help Cities and Towns

General Counsel for Mid-Sized Communities

Today’s suburban cities and towns face complex, wide-ranging issues that demand a wealth of knowledge and experience that one individual often cannot provide. That’s why more and more mid-sized communities turn to us as their outside counsel.

No Matter Your Issue, We Have You Covered

With a team of seasoned attorneys working closely with multiple municipalities and public safety officials we’ve seen and done it all. Eminent domain? Been there. Drone regulations? Done that. Union negotiations? Check. Annexation? Absolutely.


At Frost Brown Todd, we have at our fingertips the resources of a full-service, multi-state law firm. We can draw on a talented team of lawyers with deep experience in every legal issue a local government might face, including:

  • Procurement and bidding
  • Bonds and other financing
  • Legislative services, such as preparing ordinances and drafting resolutions
  • Litigation, both defense and plaintiff, including eminent domain
  • Real estate, land use, and zoning
  • Labor and employment
  • Environmental law
  • Intellectual property
  • Day-to-day operational functions
  • Public records
  • Open Door law (Sunshine law)

Institutional Knowledge of Your Community’s Inner Workings

We know communities are more than bond deals, real estate acquisitions or workers’ compensation lawsuits. Cities and towns are intricate organizations with political nuances, high-profile sensitive issues, potentially costly risks and untapped opportunities. This work requires both institutional city knowledge and a wide breadth of government law experience. That’s why we take a comprehensive, broad approach instead of just tackling a single issue without a full understanding of your unique needs.

We combine the resources of a full-service law firm with the personal attention of a dedicated law director who understands the day-to-day workings and realities of your community. Embedding ourselves into your community we:

    Get to know personalities and politics

    Spot potential landmines and road bumps

    Bring in special counsel when needed

    Regularly attend committee, board and council meetings

This saves you time and money, as we act as your conductors when it’s time to orchestrate the right legal team for getting the job done—whether it’s issuing bonds, planning economic and redevelopment projects, or managing day-to-day operational needs with community leaders.

Going Beyond Project Work to Achieve Real Progress

When we say we’re deeply invested, we mean it. Our relationships have spanned decades, with one Frost Brown Todd attorney serving as the main point of contact throughout the long-term relationship. Our senior attorneys’ commitment to this work saves our clients the headaches of high in-house staff turnover or the frustrations of transferring institutional knowledge from one law firm to another.

Everything we do is grounded in helping you make your community a better place to live. 

Practice Highlights

  • Advised a municipality in the negotiation of an economic development agreement with a large corporate citizen which resulted in the successful annexation of several hundred acres of property and hundreds of millions of increased assessed value for the municipality.
  • Participated in long-term strategic planning initiatives to facilitate annexations for corporate boundary expansions and economic development projects, involving highly attended public hearings.
  • Negotiated economic development incentives and structured an economic development bond to facilitate new commercial and residential development, job creation and the expansion of a major thoroughfare in a municipality, which resulted in hundreds of millions of increased assessed value and revenue growth.
  • Served as lead counsel in the planning and negotiations for multiple economic development, redevelopment, land use planning issues and annexations that included significant involvement in multiple contentious public hearing processes for government entities and detailed strategic discussions among staff, elected officials and appointed officials.
  • Represented City of Dublin, Ohio in all facets of municipal law with an emphasis on development and land use matters.