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Frank is a member of Frost Brown Todd in the firm's government services and environmental practice groups. He focuses his practice on environmental litigation, compliance, and regulation as well as transportation issues with a concentration on matters involving air, water, solid waste, hazardous waste and underground storage tanks. His government services practice is focused on administrative and regulatory appeals. Frank is a veteran government and administrative law practitioner, having worked inside and outside of government where he has appeared before various state agencies.

Frank has been in private practice since 2003, and prior to that spent 13 years in public service, serving under two Governors and for eight years as an Assistant Attorney General. During his tenure in the Ohio Attorney General's office, he served as the chief of three separate sections responsible for representing several different state agencies including the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Rail Development Commission, and the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations. Prior to that, Frank served as the Associate Counsel for the Central Ohio Transit Authority in Columbus, Ohio.  Frank has served several years on the Franklin County Republican Party’s Central Committee, has served three terms on the Judicial Screening Committee and as an advisor to several statewide elected officials.

Frank's environmental practice represents small and large businesses, port authorities, municipalities, counties, carriers, shippers, and consignees in the area of transportation, environmental, and regulatory compliance and defends companies against environmental enforcement activities initiated by Ohio EPA or U.S. EPA. He also represents companies which are the subject of governmental audits or investigations. He helps companies avoid civil penalties through Ohio's Voluntary Actions Program or by engaging Supplemental Environmental Projects. His clients have industry experience in the areas of wireless communication, cellular tower aviation clearance, real estate planning and development, manufacturing, chemicals, hazardous materials, construction, foundries, solid waste disposal, scrap tires, medical and infectious waste, medical, marijuana, hemp, construction and demolition and debris disposal, and used oil recycling. He has represented clients regarding truck spills; environmental contamination; remediation; and hazardous waste management, transportation, and storage.

Frank handles cases in state and federal court, administrative appeals before the Ohio Environmental Review Appeals Commission, as well as before Ohio EPA or U.S. EPA and rail cases before the U.S. Surface Transportation Board. He assists clients handling diverse issues including asbestos, mold, radon, septic systems, underground wells, indoor air toxins, wetlands, and best management practices to handle hazardous materials.

For the last several years, Frank has served as special counsel to the Ohio Attorney General and appointed to represent the Ohio Department of Transportation on the Brent Spence Bridge, to represent the Ohio Department of Natural Resources on flood litigation, and to represent the Public Employee Retirement System and the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation in national litigation.

Highlights & Recognitions

  • Selected for inclusion in Ohio Super Lawyers® Rising Stars®, 2005-2007
  • Listed in Forty Under 40, Columbus Business First, 2004

Memberships & Affiliations

  • Ohio State Bar Association, Environmental Law and Government Agency Committees, Former Member of Council of Delegates
  • Columbus Bar Association, Past Chair of Environmental Law and Government Agency Committees, Former Board Member
  • Franklin County Republican Party Central Committee, Member
  • National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP), Member 
  • Ohio Environmental Services Industries, Member
  • Central Ohio Certified Hazardous Materials Managers Association, Member
  • Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Transportation Logistics Council, Member
  • Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Energy & Environment Committee, Member
  • Air & Waste Association, Northeast Chapter, Member
  • Transportation Lawyers Association, Member

Civic & Charitable Organizations

  • Bexley Lions Club, Past President, Melvin Jones Fellow
  • Bexley Education Foundation, Board of Directors, Former Vice-Chair
  • St. Catharine's Catholic Church, Parishioner
  • Columbus Bar Association, Past Board of Governors

Non-FBT Publications and Events


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“Local Government Law from Start to Finish: Sign and Billboard Law: Balancing Regulatory Concerns and Constitutional Freedoms”, November 3, 2017.

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March 10, 2015. Ohio County Engineer Association Winter Conference. Proposed Modifications to the 401 Water Quality Certification Standards for Nationwide Permits. 

May 8, 2015. Ohio Township Association Conference. Drainage Law in Ohio.  Jurisdictional Waters of the State of Ohio/Conducting activity without a permit, Mitigation/Restoration/After-the-Fact Permit, Inspections, Violations, Penalties,  Director’s Final Findings of Facts and Orders, Referral to the Ohio Attorney General’s office/Consent Order, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Cease and Desist Order/Notice of Violations,  Temporary Restraining Order/Preliminary Injunction.

October 29, 2015. Municipal Finance Officers Association of Ohio Annual Conference.  On Open Meetings Law Update and Public Records.

October 21, 2015.  Local Government Law CLE sponsored by National Business Institute. An update for governmental practitioners: Public Records, Attorney-Client Privilege v. Public Communications, Conflicts of Interest, Whistle blowing in Ohio, and Representing client after public service.


June 21, 2014.  Delivered speech to Ohio Prosecuting Attorney Association.  Toledo Edison Company v. Defiance County Board of Commissioners, Third District Court of Appeals, Case No. 4-13-2004, Decided December 9, 2013, affirmed by the Ohio Supreme Court, April 23, 2014, Case No. 2014-0111.

September 16, 2014.  Delivered speech to group of developers, consultants, and other interested parties on “Wetland Regulation in Ohio.”

October 28, 2014.  Delivered speech to group of engineers at the Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference (“OTEC”) on Drainage Law in Ohio.

November 14, 2014. Participated in a Continuing Legal Education Seminar sponsored by Lorimar entitled, "Ethical Dilemmas for Municipal Attorneys."


Webinar:  National Business Institute, Litigation Public Transportation Accidents:  Protocol for Hazardous Spill Release, May 25, 2012.

Speech to Ohio Hospital Association Annual Meeting, June 11, 2012, “Ohio’s New Infectious Waste Laws:  How it Will Affect You.” 

Speech to Ohio Prosecuting Attorney Association, June 22, 2012, “What County Prosecutors should know about upcoming statutory changes to Ohio’s Environmental Laws.” 

Speech to 22nd Annual Conference on Air & Water Permits, July 24, 2012:  Practical and Cost-Effective Tips for NPDES Permitting and Compliance.” 

Speech to Ohio Municipal Attorneys, July 26, 2012. Update on Water & Sewer Issues in Ohio. 

Speech to Ohio Society of Healthcare Facility Managers 2012 Annual Conference, September 28, 2012, Dublin, Ohio.  “What Hospitals Need to know about S.B. 294, effective September 5, 2012.” 

Speech to Columbus State Community College, “What You need to know about Environmental Laws in order to Pass the Hazardous Material Managers Examination.”  December 17, 2012. 


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Seminars Attended

National Association of Attorneys General, Environmental Enforcement Section Chief Annual Conference, June, 1999, Washington, D.C.

National Association of Attorneys General, Environmental Enforcement Section Chief Annual Conference, June, 2000, Alexandria, Virginia.                                                                                               

National Association of Attorneys General, Environmental Enforcement Section Chief Annual Conference, April, 2001, Alexandria, Virginia.

National Association of Attorneys General, Environmental Enforcement Section Chief Annual Conference, April, 2002, Alexandria Old Town, Virginia.

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