Internet of Things (IoT)

From smart appliances and wearables to insulin delivery and fleet management systems, there are few sectors that have not been saturated with Internet of Things (IoT) technology or, at least, rumors that IoT products and interfaces will soon revolutionize the current marketplace and foment widespread consumer demand. But the IoT promise of convenience, efficiency, and expedience is grounded in data collection of an unprecedented degree, putting policymakers and consumers on high alert. As the threat of cyber incursion persists, fbtTECH’s Internet of Things subgroup works with IoT developers and early adopters to conduct their businesses lawfully and position themselves strategically.

To date, our attorneys have provided businesses of all kinds, especially in the manufacturing, healthcare, and marketplace spaces, with guidance on a growing number of IoT-related concerns. We advise on the implementation of privacy and security protocols, licensing and strategic partnership arrangements, as well as product liability, patent prosecution, and IP litigation. Whatever the case may be, we emphasize to clients that more regulation is coming, as are large-scale data breeches, making it mission critical that one’s business and legal strategies are fully integrated. For clients, our goal is to find the right balance between preventative and proactive steps. We offer them up-to-the-minute guidance on their legal and ethical responsibilities and work with them to develop a viable framework and a scalable pace for seeing their IoT initiatives to fruition.