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Rapid advancements in tech have unleashed a host of legal issues for which there are few, if any, precedents. For companies at the bleeding edge, the fact remains that, without the necessary legal guidance, it’s difficult to predict whether your business will find itself on the right side of disruption. Today, a successful business strategy must be grounded in shrewd legal planning and meticulous execution. The Technology Industry Team (fbtTECH) can help. We work closely with companies to mitigate risk and legal exposure and capture the upmost value from their technology initiatives. At every turn, we make sure our clients stay abreast of new regulations and one step ahead of their competitors.

Who We Are

A multidisciplinary team, fbtTECH provides comprehensive legal services to tech companies and companies with technology needs. The team itself comprises a broad cross-section of attorneys who focus on the intersection between technology and the law – from the licensing, commercialization, and protection of IP assets to data security compliance and blockchain-enabled transactions. Importantly, many of us have advanced degrees in STEM subjects or have served as in-house counsel for leading-edge companies. As such, we combine the technical expertise of engineers and developers with a strategic in-house business perspective.

Currently, fbtTECH has three areas of acute focus: Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain. In addition, our attorneys advise on 3D printing, digital advertising and e-mail marketing, drones, online/retail tracking, eCommerce, data privacy and cybersecurity, among other emerging legal areas.

How We Work

Staying apprised of new market opportunities; informing clients of any legislative developments that might impact their bottom line; being nimble, resourceful and boldly pursuing our clients’ interests in every stage and facet of their business; balancing micro-level considerations with long-term objectives and outlining the necessary steps for meeting those objectives. Taken together, these action items form the linchpin of our legal strategy and our core commitment to clients.

Furthermore, we tailor our team’s composition and services to the express needs of each client, based on their operating methods, market interests, risk profile, and strategic vision. When a legal matter requires an interdisciplinary approach, we bring on attorneys with the necessary expertise, collaborating across the firm’s different offices and practice groups to ensure that our clients have access to the most qualified counsel whenever and wherever a need arises. 


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