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Frost Brown Todd is a nationally recognized “go-to” law firm that is located centrally in Middle America. We have a long history of successful results in class actions, serial litigation, mass torts, and various other forms of group, representative and collective actions. Our class action attorneys have litigated cases on both coasts and everywhere in between, amassing an impressive record of success. From the Oklahoma City bombing case, to construction products, to securities litigation, to labor and employment matters, Frost Brown Todd has achieved successes with our clients in some of the largest actions in the United States, at both the trial and appellate levels.

Class actions involve numerous and ever-increasing, substantive areas of the law. Frost Brown Todd brings to bear not only the significant experiences of our class action attorneys, but also the knowledge and experience of our attorneys throughout the firm’s numerous corporate and litigation practice areas from offices in five different states. Frost Brown Todd has the knowledge and experience to solve problems in the most complex and challenging matters.

Frost Brown Todd’s experienced judgment in class actions enables us to approach these actions systematically, efficiently and creatively. Our lawyers have knowledge of the specialized rules and procedures that govern class actions, and we are current on class action jurisprudence. But just as important, our class action attorneys are willing and able to think outside of the box. We understand the unique risks of class-action litigation and work with our clients to map out case strategies to account for those risks. We are unafraid to take appropriate risks where they match our clients’ strategies and our clients have achieved unique and successful results where we have chosen together to do so. 

We have the philosophy and systems to manage transaction costs and resources because “success” for clients is defined by how a case is managed as well as by the ultimate result. Frost Brown Todd has been, and will continue to be, at the cutting edge of best and developing practices in case management. Among other things:

  • We helped pioneer the use of common defense groups. This reduced, and continues to reduce, costs of litigation for our clients and furthers our clients’ strategic interests.
  • We were one of the first law firms to form a group of dedicated staff attorneys and paralegals who specialize in high-volume review of documents, including for review of privileged or sensitive materials. Use of this in-house staff by our class action lawyers can save clients real money in discovery. It also provides comfort to clients that the documents are being reviewed by individuals with proper training and a required understanding of the case.
  • We invest strategically in technology that allows us to process, analyze, review and produce large volumes of documents and emails in an efficient and economical manner. And we have developed strategic partnerships with outside service providers to augment those services as needed.
  • We optimize transparency, efficiency and cost predictability to our clients by employing a formal project management strategy to our class and group actions. 

These are just some of the things that Frost Brown Todd has done and is doing to manage the transaction costs of class action matters. As class actions evolve, we will be ready.

Frost Brown Todd has successfully defended hundreds of class action lawsuits throughout the country. Click here to view summaries of a selection of matters.

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Frost Brown Todd has successfully defended hundreds of class action lawsuits throughout the country. Click here to view summaries of a selection of matters.

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